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Minggu, 11 Juli 2021


 Expression Hopes and Wishes

(ungkapan harapan dan doa)

Berikut adalah contoh ungkapan menyatakan harapan dan doa:

1. I wish you didn't make such a mistake. Do a better experiment. Good Luck!

2. I hope you have a safe journey. Be careful while driving and I pray for your safety.

3. Hopefully you can be a famous designer one day. May your dream come true!

4. I wish you both keep loving and take care each other forever. May you always be happy.

5. We hope you will be more successful. 


Contoh dialog hope and wish:

Dialog 1.

Apna                 : Guess what! Our group assignment scored A+!

Fhiora              :  Wow! Good job for us!

Apna                 : It is! I hope we can keep up the good work.


Dialog 2.

Susan               : Congratulation on your new house1 it’s simple but it looks beautiful

                           and comfortable.

Lena                : Thank you. I am glad you could come.

Susan               : I wish your new house brings you and your family more happiness and love.


Note to remember:

The use of WISH ;

We use wish to show good will.


a)      Wish you a happy birthday!

b)      Wish you a quick recovery!


We also use WISH  when what we expect is impossible.


a)      I wish I can speak Japanese (in fact, I can’t speak Japanese)

b)      Tiara wishes that she could sing beautifully. (in fact, she doesn’t have a beautiful voice.)


The use of HOPE

We use hope when what we expect is very possible.

a)      I hope Farah enjoy living in Singkawang.

b)      We do hope we pass the final exam.