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Choose the right answer!

The following phone message is for question 1 to 3.

 1. Why does the writer send the message?
      A. to offer items
      B. to invite a person
      C. to inform something
      D. to ask for agreement

2. When will they go fishing?
    A. at dawn
    B. in the morning
    C. in the afternoon
    D. in the evening

3. What can be conclude from the message?
   A. the sender will go fishing alone
   B. the receiver doesn't like fishing
   C. the sender will use his brother's fishing rod
   D. both the sender and the receiver will go fishing

The following telephone message is for questions 4 to 5.


4. From the message above, we know that ....
     A. Dinda and Mira have to work together on their project
     B. Dinda’s grandma involves in project
     C. Dinda dan her grandma will meet Mira at the hospital
     D. Dinda expects Mira to stay in the hospital with her

5. What did Dinda's purpose write the message?
     A. To tell about her sick grandma
     B. To give information about the delay of an activity
     C. To ask Mira to work on their project
     D. To persuade Mira to change the project

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