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Choose A, B, C or D for the correct answer.

The following text is for questions 1 to 4.

A few days ago, Mr. Anwar asked Diana, his daghter, to go to laundry to have his coat cleaned.
Diana went to a nearby laundry. The laundryman was very busy and he told Diana that the coat would be finished in two days. Diana agreed and received a receipt.

Two days later, Diana went to the laundry to fetch her father's coat. The laundryman had put the coat in a plastic bag with a label on it. He took the plastic bag with Mr. Anwar's name on the label.
Then, he gave Diana the coat. Diana did not check the coat. After paying for the bill, Diana brought it home.

Arriving home, Diana gave her father the coat. Mr. Anwar looked at the coat in wonder, thinking that there was something wrong with the coat. He wore the coat and it didn't fit him.
Then, he called Diana and told her that the coat was not his. He asked Diana to return the coat to the laundry. To avoid the mistake, he explained to her the specific characteristics of his coat.

Diana complained about the wrong coat to the laundryman. The laundryman apologized because he had made a mistake in writing the label.

 1. What is the best title for the text?
     A. A Dirty Coat
     B. A Coat Label
     C. A Wrong Coat
     D. A Busy Laundryman

2. What was the laundryman like?
    A. lazy
    B. careless
    C. dishonest
    D. irresponsible

3. What should Diana do to avoid such a mistake?
   A. Notice the label of the coat.
   B. Check the coat before washing it.
   C. Show the receipt to the laundryman
   D. Check the coat before bringing it home.

4. " ....with a label on   it. "  (Paragraph 2)
    What does the underlined word refer to ?
   A.The coat
   B. The label
   C. The plastic bag
   D. The basket

The following text is for questions 5  to 7

Fishing at The River
            When I was in Junior High School, my father once took me to go fishing with him at the river on Sunday morning. The river lies across our oil palm plantation. We had breakfast first at home and then left early in the morning by motorcycle.
            When we arrived in our plantation, my father parked the motorcycle under the hut. He asked me to collect some dry wood and dry grass or leaves. When I already collected enough wood and dry leaves, my father set a fire in the center of the fireplace. He said that the smoke from the fire would scare some dangerous animal like bear and boar to come closer to the hut and so it would make us safer.
            After cleaning some wild grass around the hut, my father gave me a hoe and asked me to dig some soil to find worms. When I already had enough worm, I brought it to my father and we went straight to the river. We put the worm on the fishing hook as a bait to catch the fish. As a beginner fisher, I cannot apply the worm on the fishing hook well, and it look like it was about to fall of the hook, but my father said that it was okay. I threw the fishing hook into the river and wait for the fish to eat the bait, but nothing happened after a while.
            When I was about to get bored I saw a big prawn was slowly walking in the water. I placed the fishing hook slowly into the face of the prawn and move it up and down so the worm seemed alive. I never expected it to happen but suddenly the prawn move its hand and grabbed the worm on my fishing hook. I lift it very slowly and the prawn was still there hanging tight on the worm until I placed it on the ground and I caught it right away with my hands. My father was so surprise to see it. Before we went home, we cooked it at the hut and enjoyed it together.

5. What is the writer’s purpose ion writing the text?
A.To give a story in Sunday morning
B.To describe his holiday with his father
C.To retell the writer’s experience in fishing
D.To amuse the reader about fishing experience

6. Why did the writer collect some dry wood, dry grass or leaves and burn them?
A.Because he wanted to make a delicious roasted fish
B.Because it can make the dangerous animal avoid the area
C.Because he wanted to make the area be clean for fishing
D.Because it was disturbing them to have fishing in the river

7.  As a beginner fisher, I cannot apply the worm on the fishing hook well, and it look like it was about to fall of the hook, but my father said that it was okay..

             What is the meaning of the underlined word?
A.A person who start leaning something
B.An utensil to begin fishing in the river
C.The beginning step in using the fishing hook
D.A first steep to start fishing using hook well

The following text is for questions 8  to10.

Last year on November 25, our school held a study tour to Jakarta. We left the school at 06 a.m. We went study tour by bus. On the bus we chatted, listened to the music and sang together. We visited three tourist destinations. They were Pancasila Sakti Monument, Museum of IPTEK and the last destinations was the Bird Park.
 We arrived at Pancasila Sakti Monument at half past eight in the morning. There we learnt about the history of Indonesian Independence. The next place we visited was Museum of IPTEK. There we studied about science. The last destination was the Bird Park. In the park, we could see and learnt about kinds of  Indonesian bird. When we visited the tourist destinations for study tour, we did not only enjoy the places but we also did exercise that was given by the teachers. After we finished what we had to do, we had lunch together.
Before we went home, we bought some souvenirs. After that we were back to the bus to go home. On the bus all of us slept because we were so tired. We arrived at our school at 06 p.m.  I think this was an unforgettable experience when I was in junior high school.


8. Where did they go after visiting Pancasila Sakti Monument?
A. Museum of IPTEK
B. Tourist destination
C. The Bird Park
D. Their school

9.      What did the writer and his friends do in the Bird Park? 
         They ... .
A.bought some souvenirs
B.visited the park of animals
C.learnt many kinds of Indonesian birds
D.studied the history of Indonesian Independence

10.   The last destination was the Bird Park”.
            The underlined word is closest in meaning to ... .
B. object
C. chance
D. vocation

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