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This text is for questions no.1

Ika          : Whose paintings are these?
Millen     : They are mine.
Ika          : Do you mean these are your works?
Millen     : Yeah . Well, I like painting and I’ve painted  since I was  a kid. So, (1) ... ?
Ika          : I think it’s very beautiful !  You’re really skillful at painting.
                You’ll be a famous painter  like Affandi.
Millen     : Thank you.

        1. The suitable expression to complete the dialog is ...
            A. what do you think of my paintings
            B. do you think to paint another day
            C. should we learn to paint
            D. will I be a painter

This text is for questions no.2

Salsa        : Excuse me, Ms.Yuni. (2)... ?
Ms. Yuni  : The experiment glass from the laboratory cannot be taken outside. 

   2. Which expression is suitable to complete the dialog above?
             A. Will I take the experiment glass
             B. May I take the experiment glass outsite
             C. Can you help me take this experiment glass
             D. Would you take the experiment glass for me, please

This text is for questions no. 3
Sarah  : Look at this ring! It’s beautiful, isn’t  it?
Rani    : (3) ....  The ring looks so lovely. It  perfectly matches your finger. It must be a 
              very  expensive ring.
Sarah  : You are right.

3.      Which expression  is suitable to complete the dialog  above?
A.          I don’t think so
B.           I’d say the exact opposite
C.           But, I totally disagree with you
D.          Yeah, I absolutely agree with you

This text is for questions no. 4
Danti  : Hi, Ega.
Ega      : Hi, Danti.
Danti   : Ega, please meet my old friend, Nana. 
              She is in Class VII C. Nana, this is Ega, my classmate.
Ega      : (4)....
Nana    : Hi, Ega. Good to see you too.

4.            The suitable sentence to complete the dialog above is ....
A. Hi, Nana. I am Ega. Good to see you
B.  Very well, thank you so much
C.  Yes, I am Danti’s old friend
D. I’m glad you really like me

This text is for questions no. 5
Bima : Should we submit writing our composition about environment tomorrow ?
Vita   : Yes, we must! Tomorrow morning is the due date.
            Other groups have submitted theirs.
Bima :  Oh, gosh! What should I do? I have another appoinment.
Vita   : Bima, let me tell you this.(5)... Please prioritize your studies to other activities.
Bima : O.K. , I’ll reschedule my appointment.
Vita   : Good ! So, please come to my house when the class is over.  
           Let me tell Dita, Toni  and Kahfi about this.
Bima : O.K.

5.      The most suitable expression to complete the dialog is ...
A.                You should not obey your teacher.
B.                 You can do the task this afternoon.
C.                 You must not ignore your school tasks.
D.                You will finish writing the composition.

This text is for questions no. 6
Mr.Ahmad     : I have an appointment to visit Mr. Joko in hospital but I have to finish
                        a proposal today. Will you please help me?
Kahfi             : Sure, Dad. What can I do for you?
Mr.Ahmad     : Please make the cover and insert this logo on the top of the page.
Kahfi             : O.K., Dad.
Mr.Ahmad     : When you have finished, please print the proposal.
                         Print each page three times, using letter-size paper.
                         For its cover, use this green-colored paper. (6) ...
Kahfi             :  Yes, Dad.

6.            The suitable expression to complete the dialog  is ...
A.          Is it right?
B.           Do you think it is fine?
C.           What can I do for you?
D.          Do you understand what to do?

The following text is for questions number 7 to 9

7.      Where would you read the notice?
A.       In a teacher’s office
B.        In a classroom
C.        In a canteen
D.       At a library

8.      What is the purpose of the notice above?
A.       To wash our hands before and after eating
B.        To give information about how to wash our hands
C.        To ask people to wash their hands before and after eating
D.       To give warning to wash their hands before and after eating

9.      What should we do after reading the notice?
A.       Keep the toilet clean
B.        Eat by using our hands
C.        Wash our handswhile eating
D.       Wash our hands before and after eating

The following text is for questions number 10 to 12

Dear Kara

Remember, we’ve had an appointment to go swimming after school. I’ll be waiting for you at home and we will go to swimming pool together. After having lunch and a nap, please be prepared to go. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. We will go there by bicycle.


10.    Why is the text written?
A.       To remain Kara about their appointment to go swimming
B.        To tell Rere’s experience about swimming
C.        To ask Rere to go swimming together
D.       To ask Kara how to swim

11.      Where will Rere be waiting for Kara?
A.                   At school                                             C. At Kara’s home
B.                    At her home                                        D. At the swimming pool

12.      “... will go there by bicycle”.
The underlined word is refer to...
A.       Home                                            C. Rere’s home
B.        School                                           D. Swimming pool

The following text is for question number 13 to 15
ABC Indonesian Course for foreigners.
 Experienced  & friendly teachers.
We can come to your place. For more information, call 081201012
Or lea@abc.com

13. The above advertisement will be interesting for those who …
A.          Want to be a good students
B.           Want to be a best teacher
C.           Want to fluent in English Language
D.          Want to be fluent in Indonesian Language

14. What does the text focus on?
A.          An amazing course
B.           An experienced course
C.           Course with experienced teachers
D.          Course with experienced and friendly teachers

15.        The word experienced in the text is closest in the meaning to …
A.          Sloppy
B.           Skilled
C.           Amateur
D.          immature

The following text is for questions number 16 to 18


16.        The text is likely found in ….
A.       drugs label
B.        hospital
C.        drugs store
D.       food factory

17.        We can consume the product by ....
A.       seeing the doctor
B.        asking the pharmacist
C.        adding water and shaking it
D.       shaking vigorously and add the water.

18.        See accompanying prescribing information …….. you can use the product well.
A.       so that
B.        because
C.        in order to
D.       be going to

The following text is for questions 19 to 21.

To: all grade 7 and 8 students

The English teachers will select 20 students from 600 students of grade 7 and 8 for joining the school program which promote an international friendship project held in our school.
The selection will be done on Monday-Friday, May 13-17, 2019 in the 2nd floor of Library Building, at 4 p.m.
The selected students must be good at English and leadership. Please be on time!


19.  What is the announcement about?
A.    The best students’ selection.
B.     The best English teacher promotion.
C.     The school program of leadership movement.
D.    The international friendship project selection.

20.  What will the English teachers do on May 13-17, 2019?
A.    Join the school program with 20 students
B.     Promote an international friendship project
C.     Select 20 students to join an international friendship project
D.    Hold the leadership project for 600 students of grade 7 and 8

21.               “… from 600 students of grade 7 and 8 for joining the school program …”
           The word “joining” has closest to the meaning with….
A.  participating
B.   accelerating
C.   promoting
D.  selecting

These stanzas are for questions 22 and 23

Skies are crying, I am watching